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How to choose CNC Tool Holders

GerZhuo Mechatronics Date:2017-07-19

1.The size and shape of the workpiece: the size and shape of the workpiece all affect the choice of tool types and sizes, such as special type of surface to be machined using a special tool.

2. Material of workpiece: workpiece material will determine the choice of cutting tool material and part geometry, the precision cutting tools and the workpiece material, material hardness and so on.

3. Production nature: nature here refers to the production of batch sizes of parts, mainly consider the impact on tool selection from the processing costs. Such as the use of special tools in mass production, it may be cost-effective, and in single or small batch production, selection criteria more suitable tool.

4. Precision: precision affects the type and structure of the shape of the finishing tool, such as precision hole finishing hole basis of available drilling, reaming drill, reamer or boring tool to process.

5. NC programs: Different NC program can use different types of tools. For example, the processing can drill holes and reamer, can also be used for drilling and boring tool for processing.

6. Type of machine: CNC machine tools to complete this step affect the use of the selected tool type (drill, turning tool or cutter) is. System capable of ensuring the workpiece and tool system rigidity good condition, allowing the use of high-productivity tools, such as high-speed cutting tools and a large amount of feed tools

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