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Choose your appropriate precision vise

GerZhuo Mechatronics Date:2017-07-19

First, based on equipment and product accuracy to determine the accuracy of precision in accordance with the author's experience, precision vise and precision machining accuracy consistent or similar to the more reasonable. For example: a milling machine processing precision 0.02mm then use the positioning accuracy 0.01mm ~ 0.02mm range of precision clamp is more reasonable

Second, based on equipment and processing needs to determine the type of flat-nose pliers

According to the relative position of the precision vise body and the machine table, it is divided into two types: horizontal flat pliers and vertical pliers

Third, in accordance with the workpiece and process requirements to choose the form of precision vise and technical parameters. We use the precision vise should ensure that the production. 2/3 or more in the clamping state, otherwise clamping instability, positioning not accuracy, cutting vibration and many other problems will happen.

Tel:+86 534-7466958 Fax:+86 534-7058926
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