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Spindle Thermal Analysis in CNC Milling Machine

GerZhuo Mechatronics Date:2017-11-17
With the development of technology, highly advanced cnc machine tools (cnc vertical milling machine, cnc vertical machining center)are in fast development. 5-axis machining centers are popular today and people who cannot afford advanced machine equipment will still turn to cnc machining center of high precision and high stability.
Yes, it is known to all that high speed and high precision is the goal for CNC machine tool. When the accuracy of the machine tool has reached a certain height, research and implementation on thermal error compensation in CNC machine tool is quite necessary. Based on modern heat transfer theory, thermal analysis in spindle’s thermal analysis is discussed both in steady state and in transient state.
Through tests, the spindle’s temperature and thermal deformation are measured when machine tool are in the working. And from many experiments it is not hard to see that: when in working condition, the machine must need the time to achieve heat balance on itself. And moreover, some methods like thermal error compensation and preheat can be taken to shorten time, and so as to improve processing precision and enhance the machine efficiency,
Machine spindle’s temperature and thermal deformation change with its rate changing, when the rate of spindle is increasing. The change of its temperature and thermal deformation also varies greatly. So a most fit rate for the working rate of spindle can be choosed. Combined with the FEM analysis and test’s results, applying reverse offset in the larger deformation direction in CNC machine tool can be applied to improve the machining precision.
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