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CNC Lathe Machine novice how to quickly improve their skills

GerZhuo Mechatronics Date: 2017-11-17
What is the CNC Lathe machine novice ?Currently has just engaged in cnc lathe machine operator to say ,there are three categories. One is the operator is skilled workers who has engaged in manual or semi-automatic cnc lathe machine operation previously, they are very familiar with the mechanical processing, but is unfamiliar for NC programming, which is occupy a large part; another is just from the mechanical college graduates, their knowledge of mechanical processing familiar with CNC, machining and programming theory, but lack of practical experience in machining, which accounted for a small part; there is a class of the operator is never exposed to
mechanical processing and programming, that they want to learn CNC lathe machine operation, the difficulty is very great. For these CNC lathe machine novice to master the operate skills of CNC machine tools is very important.
Here we call for the new NC programming, then for the novice how we want to quickly improve ourselves?
On the one hand, they can avoid cnc lathe machine collision accident and cause damage to the machine; two ,they can be in a relatively short time can quickly improve the operating skills of CNC lathe machine operator, to perform the work, create economic benefits for the unit.
Today, especially for these just contact personnel made the operation of CNC machine tool CNC training, introduces the theory of knowledge operation techniques of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, mainly to understand the control of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, machining program editing technique in the process of analysis of four aspects. Hope to have some reference value for the operator of the numerical control machine tool that just engaged in.
First of all, the operator needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the operation of the CNC lathe  machine . To understand the mechanical structure of the machine: to understand the mechanical structure of machine tool components to master the distribution of shafting of the machine; to firmly grasp each axis of the CNC Lathe machine of positive and negative direction; to grasp the function and use of each component of the machine tool, such as a simple pneumatic system and hydraulic system principle, working principle and simple function; the working principle and function in addition to master the machine auxiliary units, such as knife, cooling unit, voltage regulator, the working principle of electrical cabinet and cooler unit, function and usage, as well as the working principle, each machine safety door lock function and method of use.
Firmly grasp the machine operation button functions: do you know how to program; how to suspend the program after checking the workpiece after the resumption of suspended state to continue the execution of a program, how to stop the program; how to change the program after the implementation of the program and so on.
Know what operating system you are operating system; a simple understanding of the control principle and working method of CNC system; the system uses what working language, the use of machine tools and the use of language. If the operator of the language do not understand or do not understand the language of the professional vocabulary, you need professional training, in training need to seriously take notes, what Chinese mean every word software of the representatives must rote to master, then can for the future work in the proper use of machine tools. In addition, the operator also need to be in the training of the general operation of the alarm to learn the language to learn, to know what is the meaning of the Chinese language, how to solve the problem, how to eliminate false alarm. In addition to the operator,

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